Who We Are


Origin & Source is the first supplement company founded on the basis of vital life force energy. Because only living things have vital life force energy within them, all of our products are formulated strictly from 100% whole food ingredients. Our doctors have specifically designed each formula to fully harness and deliver the very best in nature for your body, naturally.



We here at Origin & Source believe that to express optimum health you must first set the stage by taking the proper actions necessary to create a healthy body. Fresh air, clean water and whole foods should be on your health list. To that end, our products have been designed to supply you with the very best organic, natural, vegan, GMO and gluten free super-food nutrients on earth.


Building Blocks of Life: 
Since our products are strictly 100% whole super-foods, every building block of nature is present in every one of our formulas. This ensures that our products help to build your health, not cover up symptoms.


100% Natural & Organic:  
100% Natural whole super-food nutrients delivered the way nature intended them. No additives, no chemicals, no xenobiotics and nothing synthetic added – ever. 100% vegan, organic, non-GMO, gluten free, GMP certified and proudly made in the USA.


Our products are developed using only the freshest, cleanest and most natural ingredients from around the world aka globally sourced. Why? Because not every super-food  nutrient thrives to it’s optimum life giving potential in the same soil or climate. The global sourcing of our ingreidents through established and trusted sources enable us to produce superior products that support your optimum health and well being.


Proprietary Nutrient Blends: 
We examined all the nutrients available on earth and then narrowed our study to the most physiologically complex and nutritionally complete super-foods available. Our proprietary nutrient blends allow each ingredient to work synergistically together with every other for optimum results.

Potency  The real power of any nutrient or combination of nutrients is found in highest concentration in its natural or “whole food” state. Nutrients consumed in this way supply their vital life force energy in those proper and natural proportions. It has been clinically proven that a small amount of any nutrient in its natural state is naturally more effective and is better able to be used in its entirety.


Quality Manufacturing:

Origin & Source continues to set the standard of manufacturing quality for 100% whole super-food supplements. Produced to exacting standards set by our founding doctors, we employ strict controls: from the sourcing of the best ingredients available on earth, to the precision production and delivery of the final product. Every nutrient in our facility is GMP Certified. Every product ingredient in every formula is handled as it’s genetic make up demands and is independently tested for potency, quality and safety. These rigorous testing procedures ensure our products produce quality results every time. Our recyclable amber glass bottles eliminate nutrient oxidation and help us all be more environmentally responsible.



To be used by the body, everything consumed needs to be digested and assimilated. As whole food forms, all our ingredients are 100% bio-available. Digested and absorbed in their natural whole food state, our supplements can be used by the body as needed. Nutrients used in their whole food state provide their benefit in relative, balanced and specific proportions. It is important to note that in their whole food state they also contain all the synergistic co-factors necessary to be metabolized and assimilated into every cell, tissue and organ of the body naturally. This is the essence of true nutrition and total bio-availability; complete compounds the body can use naturally. Whole foods are the only ingredients we use in our formulas, assuring complete safety and total bio-availability.


NSF Certified GMP Facility

100% Whole Food Ingredients

Made in the USA

Xenobiotic Free

100% Natural & Organic

100% Vegan

Gluten Free

Double Sealed for Your Protection

Recycled Glass